Fussen Travel Guide

Fussen Travel Guide

This small German town in the region of Bavaria is famous for the enchanting castles on its outskirts. Thousands of visitors flock to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau every year, whilst paying little or no attention to the charming surroundings of this friendly area.

Lying to the east of Füssen, Castle Neuschwanstein is reachable by a quick bus ride or a long walk. The building was commissioned in the 19th Century by Ludwig II of Bavaria and designed by a theatrical set designer, rather than an architect. Opening in 1886, over 50 million people have visited, making it one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions.

Within a short distance of Neuschwanstein is the childhood residence of Ludwig II, Hohenschwangau castle. Build by King Maximilian II between 1832 and 1837, this was previously the site for the Fortress Schwanstein. The medieval fortress was originally built by a family of knights and dates back to the 12th Century.

Various churches are situated around the town, and the buildings in the centre have a distinct Bavarian style, but much of the attraction of Füssen comes from the natural beauty in its surroundings. For those who enjoy hiking, there are routes of mixed difficulty levels all around. Mountains surround picturesque lakes throughout the area, creating relaxing, yet stimulating treks.

For the evenings, a number of restaurants are scattered around the town, especially between the train station and centre. Füssen isn’t known for it’s food, but due to the amount of tourism in the area, there are a good amount of restaurants of different styles. For drinking, many Bavarian beers are available in pubs in the centre. Arguably some of the best beers in Europe come out of the Bavarian area, so it is recommended to at least try one.

Füssen is not large enough to provide attraction for a long holiday, however, it is worth visiting the town, rather than just the castles nearby. A direct train goes to and from Munich allowing the possibility of a Munich/Füssen holiday, giving an interesting mix of a bustling city and quiet town, both showing different sides of the wonderful Bavarian culture.