How to Make Car Travel with Kids Enjoyable

Car Travel

One of the most challenging things that you have when traveling is handling your kids. I know that if I go on any type of road trip that my kids will start fighting after sitting in their seats for an hour. However, I did find different ways to help stop these fights and get my kids back to being there sweet loving selves. Here are my top three ways of keeping my kids entertained to make traveling with them livable.

The first method that I have found that works best for traveling with my kids is taking along some of their favorite toys. Now granted this helps keep them entertained for a short time frame, but not for long. However, if you convince them to play with each other without fighting the toys will entertain them for quite a bit longer.

The next method that I found that helps keep them entertained for a very long period of time is taking along a DVD player and some of their favorite DVDs. Now this is very easy to do and even if your car is not equipped with a DVD player you can purchase a portable DVD player for a very low cost at some of your local stores. I know that is what I had to do and I think I paid nineteen for mine so they are not that expensive. Now the DVDs will keep your kids entertained, but the key is to make sure that it is not a show that they have seen dozens of times before otherwise your kids will get upset quickly and start shouting and fighting again.

The third method that I have found that works really well if it is an area that we haven’t been to before or that we don’t go to very often is have them look for things on the side of the road. One of the things that my kids always have fun looking for is different restaurants or stores that they know the names of. One of the places that they like to look for is Starbucks, and McDonalds. They really like pointing them out and even love pointing them out on billboards.

These three methods are what make traveling by car fun for me and my kids. I know that they can get bored of all the three methods above, but they do love music as well which helps out. So if you are traveling with your kids in a car then you will want look into these three methods here to make travel fun for you and your kids.