How to Save the Environment with Train Travel

Train Travel

While traveling by train is more of a slower way to get to places and we are all used to driving ourselves everywhere we go it is damaging to the environment. Now if you drive yourself it could be because you are not near any form of public transportation, because you do not trust public transportation or you think that your short little jaunts do no harm. However, did you know that “over 40% of the average person’s carbon footprint comes from personal transport such as cars, motorbikes and flights[1]”? Now this is quite a large figure and can be changed.

One of the main ways and most environmentally efficient ways to reduce your carbon footprint would be to start reducing how often we use our own cars. Now if you are going to reduce using your car for short trips you can either walk, use the public buses that are available, or start using trains. Now typically in some of the outlying areas you’re going to have to use your car, but in the city where you just have to drive about a mile or two you can use the bus to get to the destination instead.

Now typically if you are taking a long trip and do not want to fly you will end up driving your car. However, did you know that your car will put off “133 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre[2]”? I know I was quite shocked when I read that statistic and then even more shocked when I read further that traveling by a train would be a much lower CO2 emission for the same distance traveled. Now the most shocking figure that I found is that even if you do fly the CO2 emission from a jet is the highest around. So when you go on your next vacation be sure to check the area to see if they have a train station nearby that you can use instead of driving your car. Now if you do travel by train you will be traveling greener, see different sites and small towns than you would miss by driving your car on the interstate.

Traveling by train will allow you to have a greener vacation and see more of the countryside that you might miss. Now if you have a choice of green travel and helping the planet and reducing your carbon footprint you can and feel good about your choice. Granted the trains might take longer because of stopping at stations, but you will not have to worry about traffic delays or the cost of gasoline. Even in a small town or city you can look into what form of public transportation is available to help save the environment as well. Remember we all need to pitch in and help the environment without us helping the environment and taking little steps such as these our kids will not know to do it either.