Some Great Tips for Visiting Venice

Some Great Tips for Visiting Venice

Italy is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and Venice is just one of them. Venice or Venezia as it is locally called, is situated in the northern part of Italy and is known as the “city of canals” and to the locals, “the most serene one.” Venice is a charming city that will surely appeal to anyone but most especially to those who love and appreciate art.

Art is everywhere in Venice – from its churches, museums and city squares to its beautiful canals that Venice is famous for. And with so much aesthetic beauty dispersed all across Venice, what then should one prioritize when visiting this romantic city? Full-fledged travelers recommend the following well-known tourist spots.

First is the Piazza San Marco. Being a city center of Venice, Piazza San Marco is the most famous tourist destination in this city. It boasts of a grandiose architecture and its open space is flocked with pigeons flying about and resting on the tourists’ shoulders. Tourists should visit the piazza both in the daytime and at night time as each time of day offers a unique experience to everyone. At daytime, one may indulge in the fun activity of feeding the pigeons and at nighttime, one can marvel at the romantic view of the piazza.

Second is the Basilica di San Marco. Basilica di San Marco is just one of the many gorgeous churches in Venice, being a predominantly Catholic city. The Basilica has a bell tower or campanile, which is the tallest in the city. From the top of the bell tower, one can have a panoptic view of the city of Venice. While a small fee is charged for riding to the peak of the tower, it is so much worth it for the amazing sight down below.

Third is the Palazzo Ducale di Venezia or the Doge’s Palace, a gothic palace which used to be the residence of past Venetian rulers. This is also a favorite destination among tourists; hence, a reservation is needed.

Last but not the least is the Grand Canal. The boat ride along this famous Venetian canal is a one-of-a-kind experience as one can get a front row mobile seat to the bustling life of the city and be enamored by gorgeous buildings surrounding it. The best part of this grand experience is the fact that boat rides are inexpensive and that tourists can indulge in as many trips as they want.

All these individual architectural masterpieces blend together into a harmonious whole to create an idyllic and beautiful city of Venice. Another one that is not to be missed out by anyone visiting Venice is the romantic gondola ride. The gondolas are boats with cushions where you can just sit and relax as you tour along the narrow and watery streets of the city and delight at the beautiful sites surrounding Venice. The gondola ride is one unique Venetian experience that any tourist will never forget.