Train Travel for Long Distances

Train Travel

Traveling in today’s world can be done by several methods. The most common method is by car, but you also have a wide variety of other options available. I know that if you are traveling some distance that will take you a couple of hour’s drive you probably will not choose walking as a viable option. So that narrows the travel down to driving, charter buses, airplanes, and trains. I am sure that we have all at one point or another we have all used one of the methods above except possibly trains.

I know for one that quite a few people are scared of flying and absolutely refuse to fly which leaves them only three choices for traveling. Now if you are going overseas then you do not have much choice buy flying or taking a boat, but that is all together different. However, if you are traveling domestically with the uncertain gas prices anymore and the fact that if you are going on vacation your probably exhausted and looking forward to resting you have a great solution available and that is taking a train.

Now I know taking a train for travel does seem kind of old fashioned, but it is still a great way to travel. Train travel can take a little bit longer, but it is a lot better for the environment because if you count how many people are on the train and figure if every person on that train drove a car to the same place your going to it would be that many more cars on the road causing congestion and pollution. Not only that traveling by train will also allow you to concentrate more on relaxing before you reach your destination without the worry of flying that some people have.

However, if that is not enough of a reason to want to start traveling by train rather than driving your own car here is another great reason. I am sure that most of us are probably tired from packing or not sleeping well because of the anxiousness that we can experience. When you travel by a train you do not have to worry about dozing off behind the wheel causing a wreck that could injure or kill yourself, family members, or strangers. So that is also a benefit to traveling by train.

While you might not consider this a benefit while traveling by train because of the cost of the ticket, but you will not have to worry about the cost of gasoline increasing as you go from state to state. I know that gasoline prices vary greatly from state to state because on a recent vacation I went from where gas cost me under two dollars a gallon to the location I was at costing three dollars a gallon. So I know that the gasoline cost would not have mattered if I had been traveling by train.

Traveling by train can seem old fashioned, but it is a great way to travel if you want to not worry about driving yourself. Train travel is also a great way to save money on gasoline while traveling, and not having to worry about dozing off. All of these are great benefits to traveling by a train and helping to reduce the number of cars on the road reducing the pollution.